Techsquares is the most recent product from the digital design and development company, Dotsquares. This online and print magazine is an opportunity for the industry to come together and share views and unique insights to the future of technological innovation. We share everything from articles covering the latest trends in the tech market to client case studies delving deeper into our project process and how this can be applied to enhance corporate success.


We gain a sense of fulfilment by bringing people together from each corner of the tech community all over the world. Through our passion for innovation, we hope to encourage a sense of collaboration in order to excel in each and every niche.


We place great value on our ability to inspire young entrepreneurs and start-ups to follow their passion and vision to scale up their success. We do this through the experiences we’ve gained on our journey from a start-up to the multi-national corporation we are today.


We strive to bring the latest digital news to our readers and nurture innovation through the power of community. We feel it is our responsibility as a hub of creativity to produce content that supports growth and stays ahead of the curve.


This platform allows users to promote themselves and their company, whilst making valuable contributions to forward-thinking discussions. They can also gain access to thousands of potential clients worldwide.