Impact of Social Media on Businesses



In an age where we are surrounded by digital media, from posting selfies on Instagram to lodging complaints on Twitter and voicing your opinions on Facebook, businesses are also pulling their socks up on the digital media platforms to reach out to a larger audience.

According to a report by Statista, approximately 2194 million GBP had been spent on social media advertising in the United Kingdom in 2018 alone. So, what makes social media marketing so special that businesses and brands are spending heavily to promote themselves? It has been estimated that by the end of 2019, there will be more than 2.77 billion active social media users around the globe. With a large audience active on social media, businesses have been able to target personalised ads to the users and have grown their customer base.

Right from promoting products to new launches and crisis management, social media has been the go-to tool for businesses. While word-of-mouth is still the biggest advertising tool for brands, social media has now become the digital version of word-of-mouth where positive reviews can lead to a boom in business and similarly the other way round. Social media influencers have thus been born into the system where they become the unofficial spokesperson of a brand or business which is beneficial for the business as a whole.

A major advantage of social media is its ability, just like other digital marketing platforms, to measure the performance of both organic and paid posts. A user can not only measure the reach of a specific post/tweet but can also measure the impressions and engagement with it. The advertising tools, commonly known as dashboards, have also become simple and easy to use over time.

While all this might seem easy, businesses have dedicated professionals who monitor the performance of their social media channels and ensure everything goes smoothly. This is where Dotsquares Ltd. comes in with its team of specialists. If you are looking for someone to steer your social media ship, get in contact with one of our experts today for a no obligation estimation.

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